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- John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune


"The result of this most intriguing, original and sorta sassy program? Well, the aura was virtually therapeutic." ~ - Harry Rolnick,

I came away feeling sanguine about the future of new music... Music, song, image and spoken work form a seamless and deeply moving meditation.

~ John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune


chamber orchestra

2 sopranos, 1 mezzo, & 1 baritone

Alternative accompaniment:

mixed chamber ensemble


17 minutes

Program Notes:

text by Maurice Manning















based on the book of the same title 

Lawrence Booth's Book of Visions



Audio Excerpts

Rental Details

- 6-8 week rental

- includes one copy of each instrumental part, one copy of the full score, & a pdf of the vocal/piano score

Don't let the rumors confuse you -


Yes! Lawrence Booth's Book of Visions IS being developed into a fully staged opera. However this page is dedicated to the original song cycle. 


Don't be shy about getting in touch with us about either version (this music will be nearly the same in both).


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