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- Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim  

        New York Times


"[Guerrilla Fanfare] uses spatial and processional elements in a kind of asymmetric warfare, pitting music against the indifferent city roar... eventually... individual sounds coalesced into stately fanfares [and]... gleaming, finely balanced  harmonies...

~ Corinna de Fonseca-Wollheim, New York Times

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About Guerrilla Fanfare

Performance Video


Brass Ensemble and Percussion: 

   4 trumpets          6 french horns

   3 trombones        1 bass trombone

   2 tubas                 4 percussion**


**full list of percussion can be found in the score sample (use link on this page)


The Guerrilla Fanfare is a captivating public art event created on a commission from MakeMusicNY. Although designed for the urban density of Brooklyn and Manhattan, Guerrilla Fanfare is appropriate for any open public space.

Scored for 16 brass and 4 percussion (or multiples thereof), the musicians begin the Guerrilla Fanfare each alone on a street corner or similar location, 3-5 blocks (400-600 yards) from their ultimate destination. Using the provided synchronizing app to assure absolute rhythmic unity, the musicians slowly make their way, walking toward the center point while performing isolated, provocative fragments and, like pied pipers, drawing audience members in their wake. Meanwhile, at the central location, a conductor perched atop a ladder begins conducting the as-yet-unheard-and-unseen ensemble. Over the course of 15 minutes, the musicians arrive at the periphery of the space and coalesce into 4 small groups, finally gaining a sight line with the conductor, while the percussionists gather at the center near the conductor to provide a rhythmic anchor to the music.

By this time audience members, whether following the musicians, or gathered for upcoming events, or simply enjoying the day, will recognize the musical unity of each individual grouping. But depending on proximity, the groups, who are still as much as 150 feet from the conductor, may sound as though they are out of sync with one another by more than a quarter second (to those at the periphery), or not at all (to those near the center). 

Once under the baton of the conductor, though, each small group takes occasional, measured steps toward the center, until the musicians, like the lens of a camera very slowly being brought into focus, become a single large ensemble.

Musically, the work is a raucous, engaging and ambitious opener. Although by no means a standard fanfare, the work includes requisite bravado, a softer chorale-like middle segment, and a rousing jump-up-and-down-and-cheer ending. Along with it’s more experimental spatial effects, the work seeks a connection to “the street” and the sensibility of it’s title through the general musical content, i.e. a propensity for crescendi marked by sfzorzandi, fast and combative runs, elephantine glissandi, driving rhythms, and the use of found objects in the percussion.

Ultimately though, it’s the purpose of the Guerrilla Fanfare to both create and embody the energizing and inspiring effect of diverse communities slowly drawing together in a unity of purpose and a celebration of their shared humanity. 

Rental Details

Rentals include all necessary materials along with logistical guidance, if needed.

Synchronization app allows for easy real world rehearsal as well as choice of tempo between mm=104 & 120

- 6-8 week rental (longer is possible

   on request)

- includes one copy of instrumental    

   parts for each player & one copy of            the full score (folio and full sized parts        available on request

- also includes one organizer account

   for synchronization app which

   remains active through the final

   performance date.

- score is also available for purchase

Book a Performance

The members of Tilt Brass and Iktus Percussion, with Kevin conducting, can be booked for performances within a 4 hour drive of New York City.



can be booked to form the core of a larger ensemble (again within 4 hours of NYC).

Kevin is also available as a clinician and guest conductor.


Walking time - 15 minutes*

Through composed score - 10:48

Total performance - 27 minutes*

*highly recommended - however the performers are in control of the walking distances and times.

Performers are encouraged to consider an expanded ensemble when the occasion calls for it.

Recommended expansions include:

doubling tubas and/or percussion


any multiple of the full ensemble

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